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Storie & Sapori - Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel

Storie & Sapori

Quality Products - Pasta Setaro

Everyday we choose the most suitable groats, the bronze dies are from the early twentieth century, the building that houses the processing is entirely built of volcanic stone, and the pasta produced is put to dry in natural heat rooms. We, at Storie & Sapori, have been fascinated by the art of this pasta factory and we offer it to our customers. The roughness, the taste, and the perfect symbiosis with the sauces make us say that Storie & Sapori serves only Campani products of excellence.

Pomodori San Marzano

During the1960s, scientists concluded from a study that southern Italians live longer than their peers in Northern Europe, because they consumed more vegetable fat instead of animal fats. That vegetable fat is the virgin olive oil which originates from Cilento, an uncontaminated territory of Campania. The capital of the "Mediterranean Diet" is the Cilentan town of Pollica that is rich in centuries-old olive trees and Cultivars that produce valuable olive oils, rich in vitamin E.

Al Settimo Cielo – Rooftop bar and restaurant

Our rooftop bar and restaurant is open throughout summer, and offers casual dining, snacks, pastries, drinks, and ice-creams which can be enjoyed by our rooftop pool. Weekly barbecues are also on the offering along with an à la carte menu that includes pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and main dishes. Al Settimo Cielo is open daily and is an ideal stop for a quick lunch and a place to relax.

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You can enjoy a buffet, plated or a set menu.